Nonsense - 60 - walks on water?


Face the Bitter Cold of Bowser's Castle! ☆☆☆☆⭒ 0:00 timestamps are a bit unusual so read the description to see how this is set-up 0:22 0 - front fjord - [uncredited] 3:31 3 - turbo trout - gbreeze 9:17 1 - smiling skies - gbreeze 13:38 2 - crepuscular crawlspace - jupihornet 16:51 4 - watery wonders - lazy 21:59 7 - drainage ditch - gbreeze alright so this is how the timestamps work. given the expected difficulty of this level, I felt it was smart to, like, shop around the different levels before deciding on something to push forward with. because of this, I didn't want to end up with messy timestamps that go everywhere and nowhere, and isntead chose messy timestamps that are focused on when a room is 'decided' that I'll play until completion. I hope that makes sense ?

video description