Opening Pandora's Box - final - and the dust clears

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Evaluation a character's worth in terms of pure design is difficult because you have to remove it completely from your own personal sense of what is cool and/or pretty. Raw design in itself is extremely geometric and is mostly about the interplay of positive and negative space - to apply this to a character is somewhat complicated. Here's a bunch of names to think about: the chickadee from AUS, the angry sun from smb3, Tira from later Soul Calibers, Iori's weird pants-string thing and how it creates potentially really interesting silouhettes (King of Fighters), the last boss in FF6 (all stages, and how they connect together), Giyagas (compared to, say Mr. Saturn). Also look at the more iconic critters and why they are iconic, such as the DQ Slime, the goomba, the tetris shapes.

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