VIP5 2019 - 33 - sacrifices for fashion

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Bowser's Castle - second half up to the boss due to the chaotic nature of how this is played, the annex timestamps will show the first encounter and the winning run, except for 'the decision', where the timestamp indicates each direction being attempted. 0:36, 11:47 dungeon of hunger 1:25, 3:28 casting a fire spell 2:11, 7:38 military training exercise 5:03 the decision - left 5:46, 14:24 padded fun for wizards and brothers 13:24 the decision - right 14:01 electric net orchestra 16:04 one last lounge a wide variety of complete nonsense overall much easier than I remembered, other than a set here or there, but this has been the running commentary for this series

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