Romancing Mario - FINAL - good as i been to you

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Final Showdown with Bowser! The running themse for the episode titles was 'Album titles released on 1992', the year in which Romancing Saga was released. This makes the titles of the video the most relevant aspect of the game to its name, other than perhaps the title screen logo, haha~ Not gonna lie, I really like making this sort of title. To me it is important to name the videos because it is yet another way you guys can use to recognise a video, or use as a reference if you are goign through the series and want to remember where you left off. It's the same reason I keep the natural thumbnail and dont use costume ones - the latter all tend to be kind of samey and give NO indication whatsoever as to what is actually in the video. They are a lot less useful! Unless you make, like, a costume one for each video, which gets silly considering how tiny they are. Anyway! I like this sort of title scheme because if forces me to be creative within an extremely limited scope. I always wanted the title to have SOME significance with what was going on in the video itself. Also a lot of album titles, like song names, sound pretty neat! This is probably something I'm going to try again in the future. Also, a pretty good game is finished or something, I dunno.

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