All the Sonics - 59 - quartz

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[instrumental] "Sonic the Hedgehog? More like Sonic the fff... FARThog!!" He laughs, knowing that the joke is terribly bad. It's funny because it's not funny. Anti-humour. The camera shifts, away from sonic running on a treadmill to show the player. He is alone in a room. The camera pans back. The room is in an empty house. The camera pans back. The house is in the middle of a thoroughly empty field of clay. The camera pans back. The field of clay is contained entirely within a giant colosseum. It is empty. The seats, the stands, in ruins. Not a single person sitting anywhere. No animals. No signs of life. The camera pans back. The colosseum reigns in a field of dust, bricks and stone. A maze of emptiness. Ruins as far as the eyes can see. Lifeless. Breathless. The camera pans back. The earth is brown and grey. Not even a hint of the great oceans who once covered this giant rock. The moon is barely visible, ashen, covered in black sooth, almost invisible against the stark nothing of space. There are no stars. The sun is dimming. They said they would leave it for last, and there is no more to collect. Sonic the Farthog. lol.

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