All the MegaMen - 574 - wash the planet clean

Categories: All the MegaMen - Mega Man ZX Advent

1:18 green apple 2:38 life up in Tower of Verdure3 3:08 lily 5:06 life up in Control Center1 8:40 life up in Scrapyard2 9:45 lily 13:08 life up in Waterfall Ruins2 13:25 returning lily to Blossom 16:24 wrench 16:30 returning wrench to Antonio 17:23 BM in Oil Field2 21:18 BM in Highway1 25:07 BM in Quarry3 25:38 L tank 26:56 pinwheel 27:46 old balancer 28:35 light bulb 30:51 sub-tank in Floating Ruins3 but us is always you and we is never me this is the last clean-up episode of All the MegaMen as of this point in time

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