Copy Kitty FINAL - 1 - penetrating cyclone

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1:12 EXIE ATTACK! 3:14 FUN WITH LIGHTNING 4:43 ELEMENTAL MASTERY so about the audio. Sorry about that by the way. So like, nobody can tell why, but for some reason if I try to record with my usual microphone, your typical youtuber blue yeti, the microphone pops constantly. it's very distracting, and you can see this in the video of endless mode I uploaded some time ago. Thing is, it's not like memory or cpu bottleneck or anything. And it's just having the game on, having the game on in the background messes even recording audio in audacity. So that's weird ? However, two advent christmas ago I got an emergency replacement microphone. I tried it, and all pops are out, so that's good. The managed to make the quality of the audio okay enough, but man, I didn't take into consideration how... *LOUD* I get while playing Copy Kitty. I lowered it some in post, and I'll keep tweaking it. But man! Copy Kitty! It's one of my most favourite game to this day. It's on steam now, not in early access or anything. Apparently this post-release version has completely different levels than the old versions I've played before, and already I can see some differences. Can't wait to see where this goes :O :O

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