Last Impact - 37 - flier

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0:07 ABVOE THE CLOUDS oof okay so first of all, this is a fraction of deaths that occured. with this and necrosphere, I didn't want to spend all day editing so I limited it to 'enough for you to get a vibe' kind of thing. But with that said... I feel like had i played this before the other nightmare above the cloud, thing probably would have gone better? the first nightmare cloud taught me to rush and to do things all in one path, and so I didn't think to just.. stop and look at the boat path, and notice that it looped. Had it looped, my experience would have been incredibly different since I would have known I could stop and wait. But yeah, I was still in 'other cloud level' mode and this is what happened. 'But raocow I could beat this in 0.5 lives with my left arm being eaten by wolves!!' okay. I'm happy for you.

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