Tower of Biased 2 - 3 - postgame easy life-farm opportunity

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Lava Hole So one of the judges started posting in the thread for this lp, and things have gotten interesting. For a while now, my 'tastes' in hacks have been more-or-less known as being close to the trends in japanese hacks, and I always thought it was interesting when it clashed with smwcentral expectations. But it seems that the smbx has their OWN set of preferences and philosophies, which is.. neat. People who have been with me for a long while might remember that when I started playing smw hacks, as far back as projects like blind Challeng World and first run of the Vips, everything seemed impressive to me, and I was constantly amused by sometimes the simplest things. I think I'm still at that stage with smbx. That stage of wonderment. I guess... the engin is still not 'normal', not 'learned' like smw is to me. Ah well, if anything it's fascinating exploring these levels as an outsider, and discovering this particular sort of taste that developed in a completely different way from what we are used to. Like, good design has fundamentals that will remain constant no matter what, but there are still room for specific aspects. Also this level probably got a low score due to difficulty but it was fun when it got beaten!

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