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0:00 The Bros. Pad 0:49 CloudTop Cloud Cloud 2:41 Screams of The Damned 4:22 Warp to Savage Frostlands [attempt, may be impossible from this end] 5:00 I Misplaced the Ground 8:07 Destroyer King Goomba's Lair there are no Betterified II The Invasion 2 was the super demo world of early smbx, an episode by redigit designed to show what people could expect from the engin. Betterified II is a parody of the game, using a junky aesthetics that served as a bit of a proto-yump (purely by accident). I saw some screenshots that made some of the changes pretty crazy and wild, this first video shows changes that are a lot more subtle than I was expecting. Let's see where things go!