Super Mario Doomsday - 1 - and then she said... farewell

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man, okay. So one upon a time, ben gets in touch with me and asks if I would play his fangame. remembering some of the fun I've had in past weird mario fangames, I agreed. Two days before I would initially start playing this game, I get a problem. Game just crashes on start-up, immediately. I get in touch with the author and together we try to figure out the problem. Nothing. He does some changes, removes some things, game just crashes on start-up on my computer, no matter what. Other people can play it fine, but me? No going. Ultimately a crack team of computer experts found the only way to make it work reasonably on my computer: they set up a super low-impact win7 virtual machine, with this game and joy2key installed on it. I can't record this with my usual program, but good ol' bandicam of old works. So the whole thing is shaky and has many points where it can break, but gosh dang it, we got this game to work. Three games after I said I'd play, finally it's here. The first video is almost all text with minimal gameplay.

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