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1:59 YOSHI'S HOUSE 2:29 Grassy Plains 1 3:55 YOSHI'S ISLAND 2 7:06 WORLD WAR 3 8:30 cirno's perfect math class 11:03 How you say broke in Spanish So one day I went to the local flea market when I saw a smw cartridge for sale by an old fisherman type. I inquire about the price but the man just said 'Yarr, this? You really don't want this'. But then I was 'why are you showing it up at a flea market then' and he gave up and sold it to me for five cent. Heck yeah! I couldn't wait to play SUPER MARIO WORLD TM so quickly I put in my SUPER NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM and play the video and had a ton of fun. However something really weird happened when I got Chocolate Island 2. See, this was always a weird level because everything would change depending on your time, how many coins you had, etc. Well for the first time ever, when I was going through the speed-run path, instead of having a key at the end of the room it was a hyperrealistic skeleton!! 'Bwahaha!' he said with the voice of my father 'You shall be punished for all your fish crimes, little boy!' I was all 'what' and he was all 'for pouring salt in your family fish tank I'm gonna beat up your dad and sit on your dog!' See the problem is I had no fish, dog, and I was like over 20 at the time, and I explained this to the skeleton bleeding all over the carpet. 'Oh' was his reply. 'Aren't you Donnie McKerval?' 'Nope, sorry' And from then on whenever I would turn on the game instead of super mario world I was treated to photorealistic static and occasional a Mr. Magoo episode. Many years later, I uploaded the file to my computer so the skeleton ghost wouldn't be alone. However, the first time I was going to play JUMP, I accidently patched it to the haunted rom instead of the clean rom! I figured that now would be the best time to show the results. http://www.patreon.com/raocow