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0:06 CASTLE OF THE END [named FINAL LEVEL in the text file] 2015 except room 7 Use multiple rooms and have midpoint every two rooms (using multiple midpoints in SMW is actually very easy with the correct patch, don't be afraid). Since it's a long level, I wanted a long music. Again it's a custom music mostly used in japanese romhacks. 0:14 ROOM 1 Since it's the final level, I wanted to make the rooms use mostly resources previously encountered in the game or already in the game. The "solid for Mario/sprite" blocks were already inserted in the ROM (for INVISIBLE WALLs and other levels) and I made this room using them. 2:28 ROOM 2 The two rooms inbetween each midpoints have something in common. The theme for the firt two would be "vanilla looking using some customs". The room use some enemies I've inserted in test.smc for testing before puting it in Something else (the sprite going up and down). They were only used previously in RESET BLOCK FUN, and that level didn't used them that much so I reused them here and since I made the sprite look like woopers I used other underground enemies. 3:59 ROOM 3 The background is something you commonly see on textboards. I just wanted to rip it for fun. I first wanted to make the foreground with similar palette to textboard (light green and white) but it looked bad so I used a "normal" foreground instead. The spike foe wasn't introduced in a previous level but I put it there because it's a cool sprite. It's the first custom sprite that appears in Something. I wanted to put a hidden secret but I got lazy and only put a 1-up. Too bad! ( ゚ ヮ゚) 5:18 ROOM 4 Some layer 2 shenanigan. You can't make the layer 2 move to the right, but you can make it move to the left using the winged platform sprite as seen in forest of illusion secret. Since layer 2 is ground, the background bricks are layer 1. 6:37 ROOM 5 For the next two part here's a more mechanical foreground/background combinaison. The underwater mine sprite weren't used often. Hop let's use 'em. So a little water part. The water is semi-transparent, you can see the background behind. Sometimes custom sprites can be weird ; the mines still move even if you die and keep going up/down. 7:56 ROOM 6 We're getting outside the castle. It's at night. Hum, not a lot to say for this room. It's easier than the previous one I guess. 9:38 ROOM 7 2014, only room made before deciding to release test.smc I once wanted to make a v2 edition of Something with some changes, mostly fixing the horrible english mistakes, fixing the overworlds songs for accuracy and changing the final secret level to have some sections between the boss with powerups. I gave up and only made one room, ported to test.smc. You may have recognized them, the foreground is from CHATEAU DU FEU and background NIGHT OF SPIKE from Something. 11:42 ROOM 8 I ripped this background a long time ago because someone requested it. I wanted to use it in test.smc like the other test resources in the ROM, so I made this room. It's maybe the hardest room, the "wind" that push you doesn't help and make it kinda frustrating. But if you kept your mushroom the block give you a cape which make it much easier. 14:04 ROOM 9 THIS is the final challenge? Ok. 14:59 THANKS FOR PLAYING 2015 At first I didn't wanted a final boss. Then I though of using the original Bowser boss, because since this game is very oldschool like it would fit well. But just normal Bowser may be a bit plain. After some tries I decided to put a boss bass to make it harder. The bass is slower than the one in ALL YOUR BASS. I "removed" (made invisible) the bricks ground (that is actually a sprite) so you can clearly see the bass everywhere and because some bricks diseapeared sometimes because of sprite limit. http://www.patreon.com/raocow https://talkhaus.raocow.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=17405