ASPE - 11 - lycodon capucinus

Categories: Super ASPE Mario

2-5' Recycling this level is pretty rad! but. BUT. so here's a silly thing. I just could not find the dragon coin I'm missing. I went through another full pass of the level doing some science and nothing. So I reloaded my save from before the science run and I looked on the internet for info, and I stumbled upon Big Brawler's full run of the game. In it, he also got the issue and he concluded that the last dragon coin is bugged, as it can be easily found in a previous version of the game. So after that I finished the video and I posted about this on the talkhaus... where I was told that this is incorrect, there IS a fifth dragon coin, but it's hidden in a really silly place that I managed to overlook, apparently. Now another thing that makes it funky is that I still wanted to play marios so I played the final castle, unaware that I had more than enough footage for a video already! So tomorrow will be the footage I got for that level PLUS I'll add in getting the dragon coins here and there. Whew!