Off Camera - 8 - Nuclear Facility

Categories: Off Camera

after getting trapped by the sleet, I used the invincibility code to get out of that area, and turned it off. The reason being that I didn't want to spend another video on that level, haha But the second level is strange. I didn't realise for a long time, but you get the invicibility code activated on it's own there! At first I felt bad because I thought I forgot to remove it or something but no, it puts itself on automatically when you start the level... and at other times too, but I don't know when. I ended up breaking a small bit of the level that way by accident. Also strange is that I never actually got the first moon coin. When I re-entered the level after getting the normal exit, the first moon coin just.. appeared up in my menu, no questions asked. Those little technical misshaps are unfortuante because the rest of the level is honestly pretty good!