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murder death place zone You know, sometimes I get fan messages, and more often than not they are of the general flavour of 'oh man raocow your positivism really kicked the kangooroo of my despair'. However, sometimes I make videos like these, and I always feel a little awkward, haha. But, I feel like videos like these must exist, if only because I try to make my videos as honest as possible. I try to skew things toward a positive light but when things go bad, so they go. it's really weird though. When I was testing this level, the net's 'inertia', or how sometimes you are pulled to the side, never was that bad. I wonder what happened? A lot, lot, lot of my deaths, the vast majority of which I haven't shown, are because of this. When the net works 'right', I genuinely think the level is really fun, but there's that weird unpredictable hurdle that gets in the way. So much that when things go right then I'm paranoid about 'keeping' things right which then gets me to do terrible on-the-fly decisions because I'm only half thinking, my head being stuck in adrenaline. Good times~

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