asmbxt ptts - 34 - Isn't my little brother adorable?

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murder death place zone Ultimately, the trick to the level is to controle the one variable factor - the net and its weird momemtum. You need to find a way to make it 'work' for you and be consistant. When going off the noteblock, even when everything was perfectly still, the momemtum of the net still changed randomly. But eventually I devoted a little bit of time to 'scientific research' and tried to recreate a consistant momemtum that I could work it, and I found it it worked best if I jump directly from the spike from over to the left - as this created RIGHTWARD momemtum somehow, which makes the level much easier. Well, 'easier' is relative. I have no idea how playing the second part is to a new player that doesnt know that it consists of roughly three actions total. Four if you count 'plucking the leek'.

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