vldc9 - 17 - Heavenly Tale

Categories: SMWC Vanilla Level Design Contest 9

1:31 COLDEST CLIMB 10:10 GREAT ICE RAVINE "I kind of hate to put you in this position, but I promised a couple of friends I'd mention this. You've probably already read about it in the comments of some of the videos too. There's an upcoming level in the ice world - the second one if I recall - by a guy named eXcavator who was a regular on SMWC for many, many years (participated in all of the recent VLDCs - you might remember his Eye of the Storm level from last year with the desync'ed block snakes). He passed away in early November before this LP was released. He had mentioned on several occasions that he really wanted to watch your LP and hearing your thoughts on the level, either good or bad, but because the hack was delayed until December, he obviously didn't get that chance. I'm just wondering if you wouldn't mind giving a super quick review (I mean like, under 20-30 seconds) at the end of his level of just your general thoughts. I know he'll never have the chance to hear it, but it would mean a lot to the people who were close to him. Thanks a lot." - SNN