asmbxt ptts: postgame - 52 - No, really.

Categories: A Super Mario Bros X Thing

== Bonk's Basement == USS Suboptimal Man, reading the comments on yesterday's video was amazing. You guys are a big part of why I do these videos daily, and seeing such a surge of positive thoughts really warmed my heart. It's a little too bad this is how the postgame starts, haha~ Well, to be fair, my situation seems to be a little strange. In essence I'm supposed to have beaten the level. When you get all the ruppees indeed the leek is just supposed to appear, like, right there. Except for some reason, when I beat the level it... didn't. And then later on, after I had edited the video together and everything, I did it again and still... it didn't. Nobody else in the talkhaus can recreate this, it is working properly for everyone... except for me. For no discernable reason. Good times!

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