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== Pre-Game Loader == Input Password == Bonk's Basement == USS Suboptimal Fluffy Quest While yesterday the level was demonstrably janky, I feel like this time my issues are truly 100% my fault. I really should have looked more seriously for that blue switch, but for some reason I never looked beyond the first area. Which... is a problem in itself, actually. For a level called 'Fluffy Quest', the sheep end up being kind of useless if you take the one route that is physically possible! I kind of want to see a level that uses the sheep without the layer gimmick. And the gimmick in itself is really fun as per the first and last rooms, the problem is that it's really really annoying when you have to do precision stuff with it. With a wide enough area you could really have a sort of touch fuzzy, get dizzy sort of experience of barely controled chaos, but it just gets really annoying really fast when the platforming requires ultra precise jumping. Ah well.

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