vip3 again - FINAL - 37 - total destruction: danger

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0:11 Now then, Shall we Try to Get Serious ? [second part] I'm not sure what I think of vip3 at this point, haha. It IS a marked improvement over vip1 and 2, that's for sure. But at the same time... other than a couple of really bad levels and a handful of excellent levels that would show where things would be going in the future, the vast majority of levels just seemed to be kinda.. there. It's like they where gimmicky, but said gimmick was either underealised, or just didn't do much. Though some levels are still amusing and memorable, so many of them are just... not. Still, it's a hack from '07, and for what it's original context, for historical value, the hack is amazing. It just didn't age as well as I hoped. angrycow warning, btw

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