TSRPR - Pyro Psychodelia & Syrup Froza

Categories: The Second Reality Project: Reloaded (2008)

Oh man! So, like, after I sent out that one mirror on here YouTube, I figured I'd just, you know, have a mirror of some sort. But now since then there's been all these subscribers and I was all 'oh man!' I am a very vocabularic man. Thing is, though, I didn't want to leave you all hanging since you all went into the effort of subsribing so... I figured I'd mirror the rest of my videos here too :) Kinda lame since we're context-less, but eh! So yeah, I guess I'll be posting the rest of 3space and the last world of TSRPR over time, as I film them! IN THE FUTURE, however, I have a youtube exclusive project, where I want to reply through the entire VIP Mario quadralogy. It's a very underapreciated series (for reasons I can understand because the beginning is... ehh... ), so I want to showcase it's genious to a wider audience. So be nice, don't spoil people :) With that said, ah, here's two levels from 3space, the secret world of TSRPR! APPREVIATIONS!

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