VIP1 - 1-1 Reconstructed & Use of a Switch

Categories: VIP Mario 1 (Youtube Edition)

And today begins another wonderful journey. This video marks the start of my playthrough of the VIP Air and Wall Mix series. There are up to four by now, and working on a fifth one. It's a series i really like and represent most of what I'd want from a SMW hack, as the games push the engin further and further with each iteration. What it is exactly? It's a compilation made from users at 2ch. For people not in the know, 2ch is what 4chan is based off. Except it's roughly 40 000 times larger. In essence, if you are a nerd and japanese, you are atleast aware of the ungoings in 2ch. Of course, it's 'compilation' nature has its problems, the main one being uneveness. Also, I'm pretty sure they put the more mediocre levels at the beginning, so it can send off the wrong vibe - add the fact that it's japanese and the hacks are extremely underappreciated and unknown. Consider this my effort to make the series well known! tl;dr - turnips are round and plushy

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