Vip4- 59 boss and plot

Categories: VIP Mario 4 (Youtube Playthrough)

Decisive Battle! Devil Koopa's Room ??? Stardust Loneliness (secret exit) Oh my god it's a plot twist. edit: also oh my god tpyos EXCITING TEXT TRANSLATION brought to you by Kil6969 Boon: "Detteiu!? What's the meaning of this? What happened to Peach and Koopa?" Detteiu: "This castle is now ours. Our time has finally come. We detteiu have been cast down into the abyss countless times. Now we will have our revenge! You will hand over the 7 yoshi eggs, or we will take them by force!" Flying Vip Guy: "I shall explain everything. In the lands of hell, there are a group of beings known as "The Seven". They have been attempting to possess the 7 yoshi and destroy the world. The yoshi were sealed within 7 eggs to prevent this. But, I never imagined detteiu would be possessed..." Girl: "As long as The Seven still live, the yoshi eggs will never be safe, and their bodies will remain trapped in their shells. Boon, you must defeat The Seven." Detteiu: "Detteiu isn't done yet! I'll never stop coming back. Welp, let's go save those yoshis!"

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