AtS 999? - Sonic Chronicles: the Dark Brotherhood - ∅


so this is kind of bummer. this was specifically supposed to be the rom that works and doesn't crash. Just in case I went to a reputable source and downloaded another, with another hash and id mark and all that - still the same issue, crashes at the exact same spot in the same area. so I tried with another emulator. Same issue, same space, times two. Hmm. Well then. I could get a DS but I'm not going to be phone filming a whole RPG and I'm not willing to invest in a fully modded DS for this one game. I have a 3DS that's ready for soft-modding but those you can only broadcast and record 3DS games, it doesn't work with the 2DS slot. so.... Here we are. For what it's worth I thought the amount I did play to start out pretty interesting. Maybe this game was destined to be a sanic all along ? EDIT The lp is saved! I found a way to make this work, by playing an *ancient* version of desmume (talking released in 2015 here). So I can clear the tutorial, so tomorrow we're starting this all over again.

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