Super Demo World - end of demo - 26 - i'll be a son of a ghostbuster


0:00 a dragonbuster too 0:06 #9 BIG BOO'S TOWER 28:41 BIG BOO'S SECRET! 32:29 BOWSER'S BACK DOOR kind of a giant video, but man this tower is huge, and it'd be weird to have everything after its own thing, so here we are. I feel like this hack was a lot more interesting than I expected. It wasn't always a great time playing it but I definitely think it was worth going through. It's important remember how old this was, and so they didn't have the experience of others to help refine their level making decisions. But at the same time, not having to shoulder any expectations gave fusoya and zero-g a ton of unusual freedom to just... do what they wanted. it's really interesting! but fun is fun, regardless of age

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