AtMM 外伝 - X Legacy Challenge - 18 - hip sponge

Categories: AtMM Gaiden - X Legacy Challenge

now is the time, the time is now 2:18 Arctic Antics 6:14 Oil and Water 12:27 Tangled Webs so fun fact You know how there are two x legacy packages, right? one for the first four xs, and one for the latter xs. They both have the legacy challenge, however each third stage is unique. which is great for value but is very 'oh no' for lp purposes. LUCKILY, a kind watcher prepared a save file for me to use on legacy 1, where I would be able to select a sort of 'pratice' mode and play the fights that I won't have access to. So for now I'll be playing this as intended, and we'll fill in the blanks later. whew! also I realise that since I got to fire button, the way to go is definitely to concentrate with your special weapon on one guy while you simultaneously blaster the second. Gonna try to be better about this.

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