Yoshi's Archipelago - 1 - whole video is a mario tutorial


0:00 stepping in uncharted waters 0:46 [game strictly beings] 2:53 How Do I Mario Bros.? a mario video that's basically an extended tutorial on my channel in 2020, why not? then again, I haven't played smbx in a *long* time so a refresher isn't a bad thing. I cut the video shorter than I normally would because the obs preview had like really weird frame drops and it got me worried, but the actual recording was totally okay so... alright then, lesson learned. Yeah, vanilla old smbx apparently doesn't like getting hooked on, so I have to use a recording solution that instead records the desktop directly. that was a weird surprise! because I know this matters to some people: due to having to use a different recording program, the order in which I record my videos will be slightly altered while I'm playing this game. it will be a - c - b. I'm probably gonna revert back when the game is done, but then again if I take a liking to it maybe I'll keep it going this way? the world is full of mysteries http://www.patreon.com/raocow [no threads as of this writing] second upload attempt

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