Life Goes On - 6 - Odessa Archer vs The Amazing Jeff


0:00 new puzzle element added 0:31 An Electrifying Transition 3:07 Equipment Operator 5:03 A Shocking Elaboration 9:13 Think Conductively no one really asked but I feel the need to explain why I don't go for pink deaths so here we go. From what I understand, 'pink death' is the sheer minimal amount of death required to beat the level according to the devs. Fair enough. I'm sure some people managed to beat those and I don't know what happens then, but let's take that as fact. Whenever I play a level I will always try to feed Jeff. That cannot not happen, I'll always try to do it on my first run. Especially since you need to beat the level for the Jeff feeding to 'count'. If a pink head is the strict minimal amount of death, then it's functionally impossible to get a pink head and feed Jeff. If I so happen to beat a level on the first shot with minimal death +Jeff... like, nobody benefits from me arbitrarily beating the level again. the difference is strictly academic. and this is why, ultimately, I'm quite content with golden heads.

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