All the Sonics - 421 - who's next (x-clue-sive)


get the mayor on the horn! (clue!) I do not envy anyone who has to design a boss for a sonic the hedgehog game. like I think it's just innately difficult given the tools that the game give the player. Because of the rings system, the player is either invincible or a one-shot canary; you can put a system in place that makes it hard to get your rings back but then that feels cheap for the player. And on the other side of the fun zone, like, sonic is fun to play and control when he's moving. He is a beast born of momentum. Controlling from a standstill often feels weird weird and weighty, and traditional platforming bosses tend to want you to stand around. it's a hard balance. I don't know the solution at all. There are some examples of bosses that work real well, but then you don't want to just repeat them all the time...

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