All the Sonics - 395 - la route de madison

Categories: Sonic Adventure 2

après tant d'hivers monotones 0:29 2nd Mission 2:49 3rd Mission 4:40 4th Mission 7:49 L💀st Mission lol I even got the same bug that I got with yump 38 where I couldn't split off my voice audio (it's fine I got a work-around) so yeah. a little under 4 hours in a half, and I don't know why. When people complain about this level they're talking about missions 3 and 4, which went so well I didn't include most of the footage since it's just me driving like an old granny. I have found no record that the last mission is supposed to be this hard. but here we are. hopefully I can apply the skills I've learned about today and make tomorrow go normally.

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