All the Sonics - 327 - slow motion riot

Categories: Sonic Shuffle

concisness it has been gagged and bound did I overreact? maybe. probably. but I think it was the right move. If anything, I should have done this earlier. Like look at the end of the video, how I stood in terms of resources, and how close my victory was. The game is *stacked* against you and it's important to gain as many advantages as possible. If I have a slow start, I'm done. And if I'm done, then I'm looking at an extra hour and half of my time to try and make this work. So I feel like knowing when to cut it and start over is important in order to make this work. I feel like just playing this game for fun, without any pressure or expectations, can work. But I *have* to win in order to progress, this is not an option. So I need to get a lot of resources and quickly at that. Or something I dunno maybe I'm overthinking.

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