Crash Bandicoot 3 - 23 - tasmanian devil

Categories: Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped

angrycow warning right before the video annex!! 0:46 HIGH TIME [time time time] so I figured out why sometimes it would ground pound for no reason. see, the game has this idea to reproduce all the face buttons onto the trigger buttons. four face buttons, four trigger buttons, it makes sense, and it makes some of the more complicated techniques easier to do. So what I think happens is that when I get more agitated, when I let emotions consume me, naturally I start to grip my controller tighter. And with the way I'm holding the controller with R2 pressed down, so that I can run, the palm of my hand... like, the part that juts out slightly, close to the fingers? That part of my hand was just brushing R1, and I think this may have been the cause. I haven't tested it out though, this is a realisation after the fact. Still have no idea why sometimes he would hang on to the ceiling or just let go immediately. That there is the catalyst of why I got so angry after a point. Even while editing I couldn't see the logic, someone please impart me some wisdom.

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