SMW FreedoMN - 6 - delicious navigation, unintended exploration

Categories: SMW FreedoMN (Super Mario World FreedoMN)

Calientime Cherry Crate Soda Blanet Ghost House Ninji Treetops Red Palace All right not only are there only one video, it's posted later than usual! Heck yeah, what a deal! One miscomsemption in the comments seems to be that peeps think I find the game too easy or something. No, that is NOT where my problem lies. I hope that in this video I articulate the nature of my disapointment. Also, the next b-side is going to be... soon. Let's just say it's one of those moments where the main project is the b-side~ Look foward to it! Today I'll be installing and patching and doing a little test - I may not have time to record per se, but tomorrow I definitely will. Woo talking in the abstract