All the Sonics - Sonic Drift - 103 - green

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the sky in the trees head's up photosensitive peeps out there: this game has made a decision in regards to how to animate the road also, this game was almost not on the list. like not on the list at all: in it's original form AtS was going to be about playing the sonic platformers only, and at some point even just the 2d ones! However, like... I couldn't justify it. The end of All the MegaMen changed how I would look at a project like this, playing all the weird stuff at the end of that series was so wild. So I started to add more and more side-games. And here we are. Like if I'm going to do a full playthrough of mean beans, I feel like I have to do a full playthrough of stuff like this too. well 'have' is a strong word video game

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